Peace Letters


The “Peace Letters to Ukraine Project” @ The Ukraine Darkroom
is a collaboration / networked action between

THe New Museum of Networked Art,
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Cologne/Germany) as chief curator, Yarina Butkovska (Lviv/Ukraine) as co-curator, the associated curators – Antonio Alvarado (Spain) – Rainer Krause (Chile) – Paulo B. Menezes (Portugal) – Gioula Papadopulou (Greece) – Simo Saarikoski (Finland) – Erick Tapia (Mexico) – Maurizio Marco Tozzi (Italy) – Tahir Un (Turkey), the curated/selected/participating artists, and – the networked/collaborating/participating cultural institutions

in an exchange between virtual & physical space
@ Alphabet Art Centre and the networked physical venues.

All texts, images and videos © by the artists/authors/curators or owners.

The Online/Offline Project – “Peace Letters to Ukraine Project”, its concept, design, work out & realization © 2022 by Agricola de Cologne/The New Museum of Networked Art.

The Peace Letters to Ukraine Project
is corporate part of
The Violence Project.